Wednesday 4/4 – Jasmine white, Baochong and Tuocha Pu’er

While listening to John Kokko about the benefits of tea, we tasted a white, an oolong and a pu’er. I’m ashamed to admit that I thought the oolong was a green tea. :-(

1. Jasmine Silver Needle: white tea infused with jasmine flower. Water: 195 F. Need to rinse. Steep for 30-45 s.
I don’t like jasmine teas per se because the jasmine overpowers the tea too thoroughly. Drinking jasmine white or green tea is like drinking jasmine water. I wonder what would happen if pu’er is infused with jasmine.

2. Baochong: Taiwanese oolong, we’ve tasted this before, so it was familiar. Not knowing what we were drinking, I thought it was green. Shame on me.

3. Tuocha Shu Pu’er: Yunnan Tuocha, wrapped in paper in small nugget/bowl shape. It smells spicy and tastes a tad salty like Chinese salted plum (xí muội). Teance describes it as “a smooth butter like consistency, coating your palate with a rich, sweet earthy aftertaste”.

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