Anhui Yellow Tea

When Cheryl steeped it, it made me think of coffee. Not the bitterness but the sturdy sweetness of roasted beans. It’s dark, vigorous, nutty and confident. I couldn’t replicate the taste even as I watch the time (~ 15-20 seconds?) and the color (a true morning sun yellow).

The Anhui Yellow tea is not quite green. It’s part oxidized, part fermented in the “re-moist” period between two wok-frying steps:

Anhui Yellow is a specialized and traditional form of green tea, with extra processes that enable this tea to be much less perishable and longer lasting. Leaves are fired on a series of two woks at different temperatures, then are hand rolled using charcoal heat until 60% dried.. Batches are piled together and covered with fabric for 4-5 days for what is called a ‘re-moist’ process, where the moisture in the stems travel back up to the leaves. Afterwards, the leaves are again fired and dried until 100%. The key is the piling and covering process- causing the fragrance of the leaves to come up to the surface. The leaves oxidize slightly during this process for a true yellow tea character. The full, complex flavor unfolds best by steeping this tea gongfu style Our support of Mr. Dai and his family helps to keep this tradition alive.

Description from Teance

This is one of those teas that stand out, the profile stays in your head for however long you go on drinking.

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