Wednesday 22/02 – Miscellaneous

I came early so Sam gave me a cup of cooled White Down that has sit on the counter since morning. The taste is still smooth, gently sweet, and a bit floral like the usual white teas. However, the color is a dark amber like the Da Hong Bao oolong. Somehow, sitting for a day in a pitcher, whose inner layer is glass and outer layer is a dark brown plastic, made the tea change color that much.

Anne gives us a bunch of Numi sample teabags again:
– Aged Earl Grey: assam aged with bergamot, pleasantly strong floral aroma
– Jasmine Green
– Moroccan Mint
– Rooibos
– Golden Chai
Emperor’s Pu-erh: the packet says “bold, rich & malty”. Bold? Yes. Rich & malty? At least not in a good way. Its color is reddish brown, its smell is fishy, its taste is sharp and metallic.

We also tasted the Chocolate Pu-erh, also from a Numi teabag. It smells of cinnamon, tastes creamy, chocolate-y, and nutty like sunflower seeds. Its ingredients: black Pu-erh, cocoa powder, vanilla beans, Rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel, and nutmeg.

The teabags always take 3-5 minutes to steep because they don’t have much flavor to bring out during a short steeping.

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