The secret to a good infusion of Anji Bai Cha

Contrast to its name, Bai Cha, which means “white tea”, is a green tea. And unlike other green teas, the Anji Bai Cha must be steeped for a long time to release its full potential.

Anji Baicha is delicious and perfectly balanced when steeped in 180F hot water for just around a minute. Steep in a tall glass teapot and watch the vertical tea buds stand up straight!

Instruction from Teance

Understeep the Anji Bai, and you get a smooth, sweet, casual tea similar to every other green tea such as Rain Flower and Purple Bamboo.
Steep it right, you get a flush of spicy herbal profile that resembles cilantro, especially in the first cup of the first infusion, when the water is still hot. Dangerously refreshing. Subsequent infusions gives more stringency that somewhat veils the cilantro-ness, but it’s still detectable on the palate.

To Gabriela and Rita, two wonderful Mexican sisters that I’ve met at Teance, the spicy profile reminded them of a Mexican specialty that sounded to me like either chipotle or chapulin, but I don’t think it’s either…

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