Sunday 15/04 – Sesame mochi and teas

Sesame mochi is different from the other mochis. The coat is hard and chewy. The black sesame filling oozes out as I press the fork down. The filling, salty, sweet and resembling wet sand, is addictive. It’s a wonderful mochi. But I can’t find a tea to go with it.

I was thinking of something floral and light with either a gingery or a fruity note, so I tried the Buddha’s Hand and the Bi Luo Chun. The Buddha’s Hand, a light green oolong, makes the sesame mochi taste bitter. The Bi Luo Chun neither enhanced nor killed the mochi. If light isn’t the way to go, would a red/black tea have been better? A pu’er would make it even more muddy, but perhaps a green pu’er would match?

Mixing experiment: Buddha’s Hand and Bi Luo Chun. Fail. Not that I expected it to succeed because the two are pretty similar, there’s no room for one to improve the other, and the result tasted like whichever is more in the mix.

One good note of the day: I asked the group sitting near me to describe the Yunnan Gold that they were drinking, and they gave me a cup to taste for myself. It’s a fermented Chinese red tea, so it has the reddish black color and the full-bodied sweetness of a pu’er, but it doesn’t taste thick like a pu’er. It smells somewhat peppery, and it tastes woody. A very satisfying red tea.

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