Jin Shuan oolong winter 2015 and return of the mochi

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A light, easy-going green oolong, this Jin Shuan (also known as “milk oolong”) just arrived at the shop last night.

After a trek to the tea warehouse sale and back (from which I got a nice mahogany tray for only $8), I asked Darius for something simple and cooling to combat the unexpected warmth of today (it’s late November and 70 F in Berkeley T__T). He suggested the Jin Shuan. I was definitely into the “just arrive” aspect, and had I known it was “milk oolong” before tasting, I might have some prejudice against it. Some tea shops (and tea distributors) would put milk powder into subpar oolong to supposedly enhance the otherwise-not-there milky flavor, which is simply wrong in my opinion (if you want tea with actual milk, get a milk tea with boba). Of course, this is not the case with milk oolong at Teance: the tea is not adulterated by anything, its natural flavor indeed is a mildly sweet milkiness, reminiscent of a Lu Shan green tea.

However, the profile does not stop there: intermittently I noted some nutty greens (like bokchoy), some just so slightly ripe fuyu persimmon, and even some sweet corn near the end.

Jin Shuan lasts surprisingly long: I lost count after 7-8 steeps, the milkiness does fade some as it goes, but the familiar grassiness of green Taiwanese oolongs (like Baochong and Buddha’s Hands) becomes more apparent. (Image: the leaves were originally tightly rolled, but now almost fully open after 7-8 steeps)

Another great news for Teance lovers today: Yuri’s mochi has returned, at least for the holiday season! A superb treat to pair with the teas.

The mochi of today:
– mochi skin: grated fresh yuzu rind, satsuma sweet potato, lima bean and sweet rice flour (shiratamako)
– filling: azuki bean, satsuma sweet potato, roasted chestnut, and sugar
– topping: agar, persimmon, and matcha
Yuri’s mochi is always that complex and seasonal. Today’s most prominent flavor is the yuzu, which accentuates the green oolong and lightens the warm weather.

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