Far Leaves tea house – the perfect study lounge

Every time I go to Teance, I sit at the bar. And you know what bar means. People, conversation, new acquaintances, new memories, the antonym of productivity in its strictest meaning. I like Teance because of its tea bar. I learn so much from the people behind the bar and around the bar. But precisely because of those conversations that I enjoy so much, I can’t count on getting work done at Teance; besides, Teance doesn’t have WiFi. So today I said that’s it, I’m gonna find another tea house where I can study. And Far Leaves turns out just perfect.

This tea house on San Pablo observes complete quietude. There’s no restaurant around it or in it. No pedestrians and dogs out for a walk, no shops, no kids. Just across the street is Black Oak Bookstore which smells like oak and old books to set the mood. Inside, you can sit on normal chairs and tables or cross legs on a wooden platform with thin cushions Japanese-style. I choose the latter, steep a rose tuocha and finish my reading assignment. Koto on tape and sunlight from the window keep me companied.

Logistics: not the best grade of tea, not the most knowledgeable service, but the price is soft ($4.50-6 per pot/gaiwan). Free internet. Free peacefulness.
Address: Far Leaves
2626 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 665-9409

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