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How about a cup of story?

From left to right: Santino LaGamba, Nissa Suteja, Shawn Johnson, Maayan Koschitzky and David Grega of the panel.

Recently, I attended Teance’s 2nd yearly Professional Tasting event, thoroughly impressed by the teas and inspired by the professional tasters. “One day, I would like to be a tea sommelier”, I thought. Even if that dream doesn’t come true, it’s…

The best among 4 tea houses in Berkeley


What contains enough caffeine to help you plow through the midterms but also keeps your brain relaxed in a meditating state? Tea. Tea contains theanine, which reduces mental stress and boosts cognitive functioning. But forget all that boring chemistry! Just…

The Time for Tea


Once a week last spring, I took the 51B line to Teance at 5 p.m. so that I could make it to TeaCal by 5:30. TeaCal is a DeCal class on tea, and last spring was the first time it…