Buddha’s Hand oolong

From Shiding, Wenshan, Taiwan. A light oolong with such natural floral aroma and delicate taste. It is similar to Baochong in oxidation level, which means it’s green. The color is a light greenish yellow tint akin to green tea. It smells as one would expect of a tea, but fresher and less astringent than the Tieguanyin Light Roast. The taste has a sweet undertone like a flower petal. (But I also had peach chapstick on at the time, which must have affected things quite a bit…)

Nonetheless, this is definitely one of my top favorites. These others include:
– Ginseng oolong from the Golden Tea Shop
Yellow Gold (Chinese oolong)
Darjeeling First Flush (Indian black)
Royal Courtesan (Taiwanese oolong)
Fragrant Leaf Green Pu’er (Chinese black)

Description of Buddha’s Hand from Teance: “One of the rarest, almost extinct varietals of Oolong, a sub-varietal of Baochong. […] Extremely large leaves deserved of its namesake, this unusual varietal is being preserved through our efforts by purchasing the entire crop each season.

I used to say that I prefer Chinese oolongs to Taiwanese oolongs, but I take it all back, this is my favorite oolong so far. And it goes well with peach chapstick. 😉

To steep: (per teaspoon in 1 small gaiwan) 205 Fahrenheit water, 20-30 seconds.

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