A sure sign that you’re a tea addict

You give yourself a monthly allowance. $70 from that goes to a tea set. Then you have 67-cent cup noodles for dinner, the American kind. All the while marveling at the celadon color, the smooth glaze, the delicate tasting cups.

This is just the beginning. There are much more expensive teapots and cups, and you know that one day you’ll be willing to buy them all, because they give you as much pleasure and excitement as new clothes, shoes, jewelries and cosmetics do to other girls. And that’s not counting tea trays, tea utensils, tea canisters, and tea.

A girl once commented, upon learning that I drink tea but don’t drink alcohol, that at least my drinking hobby wouldn’t drain that much money out of me. I wanted to agree with her. It was my first time meeting her, and human nature dictates that we like people who share our opinions. But no, my dear. Tea can be expensive.

Anything that we like a lot will cost us a lot.

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